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Tennessee Titans News Links: Vast Improvements

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The difference in records from last year to this year is unchanged. However, the Titans have made huge strides offensively, most likely because of Marcus Mariota and Ken Whisenhunt.

Despite the offenses' leap forward, the Titans defense continues to let big plays hurt them. It is unacceptable for those things to happen. SuperHorn had some tweets about the culprit of a few plays that I encourage you to check out.

McCourty's return to the starting lineup should spell the end of Marqueston Huff at CB (thank God, he's a safety). It also means that the Titans have a dilemma between Sense and BWW. Personally I'd give the job to BWW, as he's played pretty well so far this year.

As I said, McCourty says he'll be playing agains the Bills after the bye week. Hopefully Chance Warmack is back by then as well.

Delanie Walker is like me. He hates losing. He also said that the loss against the Colts hurt just as bad as the loss to the Ravens in the Superbowl. He wants everyone to get better.

The Titans are happy with the progress DGB has shown this year.

PK says not to jump on Zach Brown for his tweet last night. I do not think the correlation he is trying to make between the two tweets is accurate at all.