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Tennessee Titans News Links: Accountability

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

One thing this Titans team has been very good at is taking accountability for mistakes. The latest occurrence of this is Byron Bell taking the blame for the failed two-point conversion.

Here is the transcript from the Whisenhunt press conference on Monday.

McCourty should be back after the bye week. This is amazing news. Warmack should be back as well. We will need as healthy a team as possible for the following week against the Bills of Buffalo.

Mariota is not showing much running so far. That is perfectly ok, as he's proven to be a very adept pocket passer, and I don't want to risk him getting injured.

Marcus has shown more signs of being the real deal at QB for the Titans.  He's not perfect, but man, he's doing his best to get there.

Paul Kuharsky says the failed two point conversion on Sunday was very symbolic as they inch towards competitiveness in the league.