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3 things I want to see from the bye week from the Tennessee Titans

What needs to happen.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are 1-2 and there are several things that need to be corrected over the next two weeks. While there has been a lot of good things to talk about, there are several things that can be fixed with just minor tweaking. While I would love for them to find a new right tackle to and move Jeremiah Poutasi inside to left guard, this isn't going to be that kind of list. These are reasonable things that I believe this coaching staff can get done in this early bye week.

Get Jason McCourty healthy and to 100%

McCourty mentioned earlier in the week that it felt a little bit like training camp for him because it had been so long since he had played this much. Well, I think that is what factored into the decision to bench the talented corner and ultimately it probably led to the loss today. Perrish Cox is outstanding when he can gamble on himself to get a turnover, but if you have Jason McCourty on the field it gives your other defensive backs a lot more freedom because he is so solid.

Not only do the Titans need him back, but they need him at full speed so that they can send creative blitzes at an inexperienced quarterback in the Buffalo Bills Tyrod Taylor.

Switch to more zone running plays

The best running back on the field for the Titans from 20-to-20 is Dexter McCluster. Argue with me if you want, but so far this year that is true. Where he really shines is picking a hole on zone running plays and he has the up field burst to gash opposing defenses as he has shown.

The Tennessee Titans need to incorporate this because I believe defenses will leave a man designated to make sure Mariota doesn't roll out on a naked bootleg which will give the offense and advantage from a personnel standpoint. If they stop doing that then you start actually using naked bootlegs and you get Mariota in space with the option to throw.

Get DGB worked into the regular lineup

Mariota wants to throw the ball outside, but drops from Harry Douglas has discouraged him from trying. However, Dorial Green-Beckham looks like a stud in the redzone and has caught passes over Pro-Bowl caliber CBs in back to back weeks against Joe Haden and Vontae Davis. This guy is not afraid and he has enough speed and athleticism to do almost anything you could want.

If the Titans really want to come out with a potent offense against the Bills and in the future, DGB should be a focal point. If they can get him rolling and have him play next to Delanie Walker and Kendall Wright you should be able to come out in any formation and make some good things happen.

This team is so close, all they need is a few things here or there. If they can get to .500 by mid season they could make a serious push in a bad division. No matter what, the arrow is pointing up on this team and people won't be playing the same old Titans for long.