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Good, bad, and the ugly from the Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts: Defense

Who did what today?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

That was a crappy game to watch if you are a Tennessee Titans fan. Andrew Luck played terribly through three quarters but the Titans just couldn't finish the game. However, there were some bright spots. Let's look at the good, bad and the ugly from today. This time on defense.

Good- Brian Orakpo

This could have gone to Jurrell Casey who had two sacks, but Orakpo was just an absolute mismatch today. While he is only listed as one sack, he was held all day and drew three holding penalties in this game. Orakpo is dominant in every phase of defense and he is going to make bad offensive lines pay.

Bad- Michael Griffin

Griffin looked like his normal self, which means slow and at this point in his career it should be clear that he is overmatched in man coverage no matter who his target is. He is a pure zone safety and if it isn't zone, I would blitz him or something because he just isn't quick enough to cover.

He didn't look like he put forth a lot of effort and I am a little bit surprised that someone who has watched the Indianapolis Colts beat the Tennessee Titans for the last few years would play with such little energy on the field.

Ugly- Marqueston Huff

Huff really looked terrible. Period. There is no saving grace for him. It was his pitiful effort that allowed the penultimate touchdown pass on 3rd and 20. It was his laziness that allowed Frank Gore to get a key first down late in the game, when he just allowed himself to be blocked right next to the first down line.

When Cody Riggs and Jason McCourty are healthy Huff should be a consistent scratch on a weekly basis, and anytime he is on the field Titans fans should cover their eyes.