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Good, bad, and the ugly from the Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts: Offense

How did everyone do on offense

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

That was a crappy game to watch if you are a Tennessee Titans fan. Andrew Luck played terribly through three quarters but the Titans just couldn't finish the game. However, there were some bright spots. Let's look at the good, bad and the ugly from today. This time on offense.

Good- Marcus Mariota

Let's call that first interceptions what it was, a fumble by Delanie Walker. If you ignore that, then Mariota had a day where Marcus Mariota had a 61% completion rate with 367 yards passing, two touchdowns, and one interception that was a good break on the ball by the safety.

Mariota is going to be great and he is already very good. Whether he was sticking in the pocket despite having a third string right guard (Gallik) and a second string left tackle in, or if he was throwing nice long passes (something people have been saying he can't do) Mariota had a day to prove the doubters wrong. If he can get DGB to become a great player on the outside, he is going to do some great things.

Bad- Harry Douglas

I don't get why Mariota likes him so much, but man does Douglas get way too many targets. He had a big drop early in the game that caused a drive to stall and he just didn't have a good game. I don't think he gives you very much offensively outside of leadership.

Ugly- Jeremiah Poutasi

It may be unfair to pick on the rookie, but he looked unstable in pass protection and had a hold that called back a touchdown run that would have changed the game. I really think he can be good in the running game, but man is rough to watch early in his career.

I think right tackle is the biggest need for this team next year, and while I have heard safety and cornerback as big needs, I think this group will look much better when McCourty comes back. What hope does the offensive line have?