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Key Matchup: Titans vs. Colts

Could the Titans send the Colts to 0-3?

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

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The NFL is a fickle thing.  Week to week seemingly everything changes.  Highs become lows and lows become highs. There is no better example of this than the Tennessee Titans through two weeks.  Everyone was on top of the world after a week one blowout win, only to come crashing down to earth just one week later.  Now the Colts are coming to town -- and I have no idea what to expect.

I do know one thing; this is a monumental opportunity for the Titans.  A win this weekend would not only send the Titans to 2-1, but it would send the Colts to 0-3.  That's huge from a divisional standpoint.  It would put the Colts in a two game hole for the division lead.  I'm not saying that I expect the Titans to win the AFC South, but it would be a great sign if Tennessee could find a way to win this one -- especially after last week.

The Titans haven't beaten the Colts since the Pre-Luck Era, dating back to October of 2011.  They even managed to lose to a Dan Orlovsky led team during the Colts' "Suck for Luck" campaign.  It's been a lopsided series from that point on.  However, things are starting to feel a little different.

Key Matchup: Titans' receivers against the Colts' secondary.

Marcus Mariota will be facing a depleted secondary that was exposed by Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Ryan Fitzpatrick last week.  The Colts had no answer for the Jets passing attack, which tells you all you need to know about the Indianapolis secondary.  Vontae Davis sustained a concussion during the game on Monday night, but has already been cleared for action this weekend.

Having Davis this weekend will be huge for Indy.  Their secondary is a wasteland without him as we saw last weekend. Greg Toler, Darius Butler and Sheldon Price were all abused last weekend by the Jets.  They especially struggled with slot man Eric Decker.  This should mean that Kendall Wright will get plenty of opportunities to shine on Sunday out of the slot.

Marcus Mariota is obviously a key in this matchup too.  If he plays as well as he has in the previous two weeks, he's in store for a big day.  The Colts front seven is significantly less talented than Cleveland's was.  They likely won't be able to create the pressure that the Browns were coming with.  Everything is setting up for a big day for Mariota.

Bonus Matchup: Titans' pass rush against Colts' offensive line.

The Titans should be able to get after Luck. The Colts' offensive line has been an issue for years and it's no different this season.  Ryan Grigson refuses to address it for some reason.  Orakpo, Morgan and Casey could have big days.  Luck has struggled this season in large part due to poor protection.  It doesn't matter who is playing quarterback if you can't protect.

Tennessee has two big advantages on the field that could propel them to 2-1.  However, don't totally write off Andrew Luck.  He's still the same guy that has never lost to the Titans -- he's just faced two stout defenses in the first two weeks. If the offensive line can give Mariota time on Sunday, he should be able to do plenty of damage through the air.  We'll see if the Titans can capitalize.