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Mel Kiper Ranks Marcus Mariota 2nd Among NFL Rookies

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Mel Kiper has ranked the top 20 rookies of the NFL season to date (In$ider).  There are two Titans in his rankings, Marcus Mariota and Jeremiah Poutasi.  It is surprising to see Poutasi on the list after he did his best to get Mariota killed against the Browns last week.  That might speak to the overall strength of this rookie class, or it might speak to Kiper's ability to evaluate talent.

Mariota ranked 2nd on the list.  Here is what Kiper had to say about him:

The Week 2 loss in Cleveland was a step down from his Week 1 explosion against Tampa Bay, but Mariota has a 6/0 TD/INT ratio so far and has already dispelled any notion the Titans are only starting him because they need to justify the high pick. He belongs.


Poutasi got the 20th spot on the list. Kiper's words:

Two weeks, one good performance and one not-so-good performance. Poutasi could be a steal as a third-rounder.

I really hope Kiper is right, but the last image I have of Poutasi is this actual picture from the loss to the Browns:


Everything can be redeemed with a good performance against the Colts!