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Tennessee Titans News Links: Trial By Fire

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Potassium was horrid on Sunday, per the eyeball test, PFF, and Kyle Harris' wonderful post on MCM yesterday. He gave up or was responsible for 4 sacks on Marcus. He will face a lackluster Colt's defense that is yet to register a sack this year, IIRC. If he fails again, this could make for a very long season.

Antonio Andrews is working his way back from injury. He has missed the first two games of the year. Personally I can't wait until he gets back into the rotation. He's a solid power back.

Marcus is ready for a chance to have a bounce back performance, against the Colts on Sunday. It would be absolutely glorious to win against them on Sunday.

Jason McCourty practiced yesterday. I really hope he can play, so that he can match up on TY or Moncrief.

If McCourty doesn't play, look for the Colts to expose the same big-play liability that Sensabaugh was against the Browns.

Mariota is working on adapting to NFL pressure. He needs to keep both hands on the ball.