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Nashville Speaks: Talkin' Tennessee Titans in the Music City

Your weekly dose of what Nashvillians are saying about the Titans.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports


- said by... nobody that I've talked to!

There has been a lot of healthy re-calibration of expectations for this team around Nashville this week, but the support for Mariota still feels almost universal. In fact, I'm hearing a good bit of praise for Marcus' toughness, as most people rightly believe Locker and Young would have felt injured enough to have pulled themselves out of the game shortly after halftime.

Kudos Nashville!

2: Yet another example of the Titans losing to an inferior team... happens every year!

- said by that guy who goes to Bolton's for lunch and gets the mild chicken.

Truth be told, the 2015 Browns remind me a lot of those mid 2000's Ravens teams. Mike Pettine took the Browns defense from bad to top 10 in Football Outsiders DVOA, then added Danny Shelton, Paul Kruger, etc.

They're probably a year ahead of the Titans in terms of rebuilding, and will give a lot of good teams fits as long as they don't commit too many turnovers. The Titans, however, are young... and young teams look like world-beaters one week, then garbage the next.

Long story short, this doesn't compare to the Titans' collapses of last year, or the Munchak era monster let downs.