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Tennessee Titans News Links: Sadness

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Johnny Manziel beat Marcus Mariota and the Titans yesterday. I'm so incredibly frustrated by that game considering we were completely undone on defense/special teams on only 3 plays. 2 prayers and a PR TD. The defense otherwise played really well, only allowing one other real drive.

The Titans showed basically nothing in pass protection yesterday, almost getting Marcus killed. Thankfully he showed great toughness in a very brutal game.

The Titans are in first place, at least for one more week. They have a chance this upcoming week to play the Colts and steal a game. Thankfully the Colts pass rush is nothing compared to the Browns. Warmack needs to come back soon.

Here are the postgame comments from the Titans and the coaching staff. There are still plenty of reasons for optimism.

Yesterday was the opposite of the previous Sunday. Lets hope that Sunday, September 27th plays out a whole lot better.