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Phil Taylor Released By Cleveland: Should The Titans Take A Look?

The Titans must be constantly looking to the upgrade the roster.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns released defensive lineman Phil Taylor. The Titans must be constantly looking to the upgrade the roster. Phil Taylor yesterday. In related news, Sammie Hill re-injured the same knee that had him on the PUP list for a good amount of training camp. While he was clearly released for a reason--some have speculated that he may be too injured to play this season--the Titans should at least have him visit the facility.

If you look at the current Titans roster, you could point to almost any position, say that they need improved depth, and it would be tough to argue. Now that Sammie Hill is eliminated from the equation, the team is missing a player that would be seeing a significant amount of snaps. A healthy Taylor could bring that, and be an upgrade if everything checks out medically. He played for Ray Horton before in Cleveland and had success. Al Woods has looked much improved this summer, so pairing the two would really help the defensive line

The main obstacle is Taylor's health. He is a very talented player so it is tough to believe that the Browns would release him without good reason, but again, he is worth a look given the current situation. If the medical checks out, he would definitely be worth signing. It is a big "if," but there is no harm in looking.

Going into free agency, Tommy Smith, Ruston Webster, and Ken Whisenhunt mentioned multiple times how free agency is an ongoing process that lasts into the summer. While they have not done much bottom of the roster churning so far, we will see if the team moves on this, or any other recently released players. It is easy to say that none of the players recently cut are good or worth looking at, but that indicates that the players at the bottom of the Titans' roster are good, and it ignores the fact that some players get caught up in the numbers, youth movements, or were just a bad fit. The team must be constantly looking to add depth and competition. Hopefully Taylor is one of these players and makes a visit to the facility.