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Three Key Titans' Needs Headed Toward Cuts

The Titans still have a few weak spots on the roster that could be bolstered on the waiver wire.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we march towards the regular season, a few needs have popped up on the Titans' roster through preseason.  With roster cuts getting underway, there is a good shot that the Titans could fill some voids on the waiver wire.  Teams must be at 53 by this weekend, which means each roster will trim 22 more players between now and then.  That is going to create some value on the market.

The Titans will get the second pick in the waiver process, because of their 2-14 record last season.  The Buccaneers will have first dibs.  So what are some positions that the Titans could be looking to bolster?  Three are obvious to me.

1. Cornerback

With Jason McCourty's lingering injury, Tennessee has a big hole to fill.  Perish Cox will get the nod in his place, but the issue is the number two corner spot.  We are right back to where we were last season.  Blidi Wreh-Wilson has been banged up all preseason and Coty Sensabaugh hasn't impressed in his time on the outside.

Cody Riggs could get a serious look here too.  If I had to put money on any roster addition, I would feel comfortable putting in on corner.  Ruston Webster can't feel comfortable here heading into the season with both Wreh-Wilson and McCourty banged up.

2. Nose Tackle

Sammie Lee Hill has only gotten one drive of action this preseason.  In that one drive, he apparently hurt himself once again.  Whisenhunt said that Hill tweaked his knee once again on Friday against the Chiefs, leaving Al Woods (who has been fantastic) as the lone nose left healthy.

The team surprisingly released Toby Johnson on Monday, leaving them very thin at the position.  Maybe they think Angelo Blackson can slide over and play some nose if needed.  I would imagine Ruston Webster is keeping Toby's number handy, just in case.

3. Outside Linebacker

Jonathan Massaquoi and Deiontrez Mount have been solid in their time this preseason, but I'm still not comfortable with the idea of them alone backing up Morgan and Orakpo.  I think the Titans could afford add some talent here.  We'll see what pass rushers come available.

Remember, final cuts must be made by Saturday at 3PM.