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Who really has the inside information?

Who really has the scoop?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

There was a story earlier this week about the Cleveland Browns having a lot of information on Marcus Mariota because of Kevin O'Connell's proximity to the rookie quarterback. It is true that O'Connell (the quarterback coach for the Cleveland Browns) did run Marcus Mariota's pro day, but who really has the most information on who?

Let's take a look at the players and coaches who know more than their share about the Cleveland Browns.

Ray Horton

The Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator was the defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns in 2013 and it is no coincidence that the terrible 2014 Tennessee offense had their best game of the season against that team. Horton knows many of the starters on the Cleveland Browns defense and should know how to exploit that team again this year.

Dick LeBeau

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't have a lot of success against the Cleveland Browns last year after winning one and losing one, but that doesn't tell the full story. LeBeau put his team in a position to succeed getting 14 TFL in both games, despite having a defense that consisted of older players and players about to retire.

LeBeau now has young players and an exciting defense against essentially a rookie quarterback, and we all know how dominant LeBeau is against those.

Terrance West

The only player that really had a dominant game against LeBeau last year was Terrance West when he rushed for 100 yards on 16 attempts. The leading rusher for the Cleveland Browns last year knows that offense and has said as much publicly. It is hard to imagine that LeBeau and company aren't drilling West for information on audibles, blocking schemes, how they like to block, where they call the Mike LB, etc.

West will be a big key in this game and for a team that needs the running game to take pressure off of Johnny Manziel, it is unfortunate that they have to go against a team that has the man who led that unit on the other sideline.

All in all, Marcus Mariota has barely shown anything in the NFL so it is hard to imagine that the Cleveland defense will have that much to go on to start the game. On the other hand, the Tennessee Titans have inside information on the offense and defense not to mention a defensive coach that has a ton of experience against this team and their head coach. So who really has the advantage?