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Tennessee Titans News Links: Step Up

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans and Marcus Mariota will play the Browns on Sunday. Are the Browns good? No, not really. Are they better than the Bucs? Absolutely, and especially on defense where they have top draft choice Danny Shelton, and corner Joe Haden.

Kendall Wright used to be somewhat of a free lancer in the routes department. Now he wants to do everything perfectly, and that is going to go hand in hand with what Marcus and Ken Whisenhunt look for.

The Titans don't want a repeat of last years performance against the Browns, which started off great, and then ended terribly.

Orakpo was a great edge setter for the Titans in week 1. Lets hope this continues into week 2.

If McCown practices on Friday, he'll start on Sunday. Personally I don't really care who starts, as both QBs are bad, but it'll be nice to know who is starting for the Browns.