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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds Week 2

Which guys should you be targeting this week?

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Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in week 2. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!

Week 1 is in the books.  As with the real NFL, there are going to be plenty of people in fantasy football that over-react to one bad week.  Keep in mind that the season is a marathon not a sprint.  If you have an owner in your league that is panicking because Adrian Peterson had a bad game, go ahead and drop him/her a trade offer to see if you can fleece them out of a guy that is bound to end up in the top 5 at his position by the time the season wraps up.

Part of managing a successful fantasy team is doing your due diligence on the waiver wire.  Each week I will try to highlight a few players that are probably on the waiver wire in your league that could help your team in the short or long term.  I will try to focus on guys that are only owned in less than 50% of ESPN leagues.

Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans

How could you not add the greatest QB in the history of the NFL to your team?  Actually, if you are playing in a league where Mariota is available, please leave your name in the comments so I can ban you from the site because you are obviously a fakeweather fan.  In all seriousness, Mariota is available in more than 63% of ESPN leagues.  The Titans proved that they are going to run the offense to his strengths, and Mariota proved that his strengths are all of them.  He was 3rd in fantasy points among quarterbacks in week 1, and he didn't even play the whole game!!!1

Stevie Johnson, WR, San Diego Chargers

Don't call it a comeback (I don't even know what that is from), but it looks like Johnson is making a really nice return to relevance in San Diego.  They raved about him in the preseason, and Johnson didn't disappoint in week 1.  Philip Rivers threw the ball 42 times in a game the Chargers won.  Stevie saw 6 of those targets and caught them all including a touchdown.  He is a good add for the rest of the season.

Donte Moncrief, WR, Indianapolis Colts

T.Y. Hilton bruised his knee in the Colts opening LOSS to the Bills.  The injury isn't serious, but he is likely to miss a couple of weeks (more on the injury here).  That means Moncrief moves up to the #2 role behind Andre Johnson in an offense that features Andrew Luck who threw the ball 49 times in week 1.  Moncrief is owned in about 31% of ESPN leagues.

Chris Johnson, RB, Arizona Cardinals

This one hurts me a little bit, but it looks like CJ is going to be the Cardinals #1 running back while Andre Ellington is sidelined with a knee injury.  No one wants to hear stories about my fantasy football teams, but I will tell one short one to illustrate a scenario; I have a team where my running backs are LeVeon Bell, Mark Ingram, Todd Gurley, and Duke Johnson.  That group is going to be awesome when Bell and Gurley are back, but for now I need a guy to pair with Ingram for a week.  CJ (vomit) is the perfect guy to fill that role in week 2....not because he is good, but because of the volume he should see in a good offense.  CJ is available in almost 89% of leagues.

Carson Palmer, QB, Arizona Cardinals

Speaking of that good offense, the guy calling the signals, Palmer, looked like he found the fountain of youth.  He was 2nd in fantasy points to Brady last week, and you know that Bruce Arians likes to chuck the ball around the yard.  If Palmer can stay healthy, which is always a huge IF, he could be in line for a top-10 fantasy quarterback season.  Palmer is owned in 48%.

James Jones, WR, Green Bay Packers

Jones might not have fantasy value anywhere but Green Bay, but he proved that he is going to be a name that needs to be on the radar now that he is back in the green and gold.  There was a lot of love for Davante Adams heading into week 1.  Both Adams and Jones saw 4 targets in week 1.  Jones converted 2 into touchdowns.  That rate obviously isn't sustainable, but Jones will be in flex consideration each week.  Jones is owned in 32%.

Tyler Eifert, TE, Cincinnati Bengals

Eifert was the breakout star in week 1.  He is finally healthy and is in an offense that actually has a lot of weapons.  Andy Dalton isn't very good, but Jeremy Hill and A.J. Green are.  Teams are going to start accounting for Eifert now after his week 1 performance, but there will still be opportunities there for him.  He is available in 56%.