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Tennessee Titans News Links: Room for Improvement

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mariota was perfect in week 1, but he still can improve on that perfect performance and he's doing his best to do so.

Come back in 15 weeks. If the Titans are still winning, then they'll believe they've got something. For now, it is just one game and they'll need to improve.

ESPN's First Take talks about Marcus' debut versus Jameis Winston. They say don't over exaggerate one game, but were impressed with Marcus for sure.

The Titans showed their excitement on social media yesterday and today. I don't know what exactly the Brown's problem with Terrance West was, but I can't wait until Sunday when he comes running towards the Brown's defense.

The Browns are really a #stinky football team. The Titans SHOULD beat them on Sunday regardless of who is the Brown's QB.

Harry Douglas is very impressed with Marcus and the amount of work and the type of work he is doing. He says Marcus is special.