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Did the Tennessee Titans answer the offensive questions?

Looking back to before the game.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans just put on an absolute show (if you exclude garbage time ultra-conservative plays) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today. Before the game I looked at three questions that the team needed to answer in this game. Let's take a look back at those.

1. Oregon South?

The Tennessee Titans have shown glimpses of it in practice and there have even been some preseason wrinkles, but the question remains is this team going to tailor the offense to Marcus Mariota. Before I go too in depth about this, it needs to be said that almost every offense is tailored to what Marcus Mariota looked like he could be in the preseason. When you are hyper accurate, very intelligent and dynamic then there isn't much playbook manipulation needed.

However, it would be nice to see some read option wrinkles and some quick screen passes to the outside out of the hurry up. The Titans have a lot of dynamic pieces that can do things in space, it would be nice to see Mariota get into a rhythm and Tennessee score points early.

This is exactly what we saw today. Quick huddles, pop passes, run-pass read option plays, even a quarterback keep to the outside, were all in today's gameplan and that was despite being up by a wide margin very early in this game. This team looks much more fun and dynamic team this year after a 42-14 final.

2. New and improved offensive line?

The Tennessee Titans shuffled some things around on the offensive line and for the most part they have looked very good. With Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy in the front seven, this definitely isn't a layup for a Titans offensive line in flux.

I believe that Taylor Lewan will continue to show dominance on his side of the field, but if Chance Warmack and Jeremiah Poutasi can handle McCoy then that will say a lot about this team and what kind of identity they can develop in this new era.

This sorta-kinda happened. There were two times where Marcus Mariota was really harassed, but other than that they didn't have anyone unaccounted for on blitzes. In the running game there were holes that Bishop Sankey and Terrance West both exploited on their way to a 128 yard rushing today, topping the 4.0 YPC mark.

Penalties really should have hurt the Titans, but Marcus Mariota was able to take this game over in spite of all of those issues.

3. Kendall Wright and Delanie Walker taking a step?

The Tennessee Titans have two very good receiving options in Delanie Walker and Kendall Wright, but is that all they are? For years they have been held back by conservative play calling, a bad offensive line, no help, and most importantly below average quarterback play. So, have fans seen the best of these two already, or is there another gear they can hit?

These two players should be able to take a step and separate themselves from the middle of the pack now that they have Marcus Mariota. If they can, then this offense will be exciting and it could be the beginning of the first exciting era of offense for the Tennessee Titans.

Yep, this happened and Tennessee Titans fans should be pumped. Wright and Walker were the two leading receivers for Tennessee today gaining a combined 7 receptions on 7 targets, 144 yards, and 2 TDs.