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3 things the Tennessee Titans can learn on defense

Where can the Titans improve on defense?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are now just hours away from kicking off and starting the 2015 season. Whether or not that will be a happy thing for Titans fan, or another depressing 5-month stretch is yet to be seen. What Titans fans will get to learn today is what their defense actually looks like.

So, what do fans need to watch on the Titans defense under new management?

1. Learning curve?

While a lot of positives have been made about the Tennessee Titans adding Dick LeBeau and I think they are justified. With the team in their second year in the 3-4 defense, adding a HoF coach like LeBeau should only help matters. However, Dick LeBeau is historically known for not playing people in the first year of his system.

Now, I think what helps the Titans is that his former assistant coach Ray Horton (who is a good coach in his own right) should have taught the fundamentals of this defense to the Tennessee Titans last year. It will be interesting to see just how complex this team can get with just one offseason to work on this particular playbook.

2. Wrinkle for Casey?

Jurrell Casey was ill fit for the 3-4 last year, but already in the preseason Titans fans should have noticed that Casey has played inside more. I believe that with the experience Brian Orakpo and Derrick Morgan have with their hand in the dirt that this team could have a great 4-3 look in place.

I imagine that Casey will get 10-15 snaps inside in a 4-3 look and if it is successful then this a look that the Titans may show more and more.

3. Brian Orakpo

The Titans hope that by the end of the game that they have a statement instead of a question with Brian Orakpo. All preseason he quietly wrecked opposing offensive lines and held the edge in the running game. If Brian Orakpo can stay on the field then the sky is the limit for him in this defense.

If Brian Orakpo gets going, then this defense could really catch fire. Think about it, Derrick Morgan will be seeing single blocking assignments for the first time in his life, Jurrell Casey should get to cheat over to Orakpo's side and see some rushing lanes open. On top of that, you have to assume that a more dangerous front four will lead to more blitz/coverage flexibility.