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Don Banks picks Marcus Mariota to win Offensive Rookie of the Year

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I hear that train a comin'.  It's comin' round the bend...and that train is the Marcus Mariota hype train.  There were so many people that doubted Mariota coming into the NFL for various reasons...mainly the offense he played in at Oregon.  Those people have been dwindling away as training camp and the preseason has gone on.  The Mariota hype train is currently picking up passengers in drove.

You can count Don Banks as one of the believers.  He wrote an article today ranking the new quarterback starters in the league, and he has Mariota 2nd behind Sam Bradford.  Here is what Banks had to say about Super Mario:

He has been up the task in almost every way, sees the field very well, and has rarely looked like a rookie quarterback with the weight of a struggling franchise placed on his shoulders. This kid is the real deal and he’ll quickly become one of the stories of the young season when he and the Titans (spoiler alert!) go into Tampa Bay in Week 1 and out-play and out-point Jameis Winston and the Bucs. You heard it here first. I’m not predicting a Titans playoff run or anything crazy like that, but Mariota is my pick for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.

I am not sure how many games the Titans are going to win this season, but they have their franchise quarterback. Things are only going to go up from here.