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Nashville’s Titans: Locals Talking Tennessee Titans

Deep thoughts and dumb comments about the Tennessee Titans, brought to you by real Nashvillians.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Below is the first installment of a new weekly series I'll be doing this season. The idea is to give MCM readers a glimpse into the kinds of comments and conversations I hear around the streets, shops and honky tonks of Nashville about the Tennessee Titans.

And of course, I'll give you my reactions... and I'll try not to make all of them snarky retorts

1. "Zach Mettenberger... he's got such a big arm! If the Titans really want to win, they'd be starting him over Mariota."

- Said by: That guy who wears a golf equipment company shirt every day but can't name a single course in Davidson County.

So did Jake Locker. So did Kyle Boller. So did Jamarcus Russell. Of all the ways to evaluate a quarterback, arm strength is absolutely one of the dumbest. 99% of what makes a QB successful is between the ears; that's why it's insanely difficult to predict which ones will hit and which ones will bust.

Also, every NFL player wants to win. Even guys who say later on that they didn't care are just hiding behind a defensive mechanism. Aversion to failure is just about the only way you get to the NFL.

2. "They just looked unprepared! I don't know if it's lazy or just that they suck, but that was awful." [Regarding the Chiefs game

- Said by: That lacrosse mom who also thinks LAX is safer for her kid than baseball or football.

I'm going to presume she didn't catch any of the comments from Wisenhunt, the players or the announcers regarding how little the Titans were game planning for the Chiefs, and then set that gem aside. Might the 2015 Tennessee Titans suck? Yep, it's certainly possible. However, don't use a preseason game as the benchmark for preparation or effort. Just, don't.

3. "I told you, August! Wisenhunt should have been feeding McCluster last year, but your ignorant a** wants to cut him!

- Said by: That sales guy at work who doesn't know I just decided to move his client event to that week he has marked for vacation.

Yeah, some might say that I picked a bad week to turn up the heat on Dexter McCluster, but I say it's just further proof that the team and the front office are listening. Of course, it helps that Dexter is running behind a reshuffled line (on the first and second units). But still, I would much rather see McCluster improve than continue to stink and get squeezed off the roster.

Just give me the best 53; I don't care who they are!