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Players to watch for each team in tonight's game

Which players playing tonight might be good roster adds for the Tennessee Titans.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back tonight (alright, well preseason) and I expect everyone who is reading this to be watching. Every year the bottom of a roster is churned over and over again as teams look at players to add from other teams to solidify their last three or four players on their 53-man rosters.

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings are playing, and while I know most of you tune out the last three quarters of preseason action, I urge you to just take a look at these names.

Captain Munnerlyn CB, Minnesota Vikings

The Tennessee Titans have a need at cornerback depth behind their starters, even so much so that you could argue that Coty Sensabaugh doesn't have a starting job locked down. With Blidi Wreh-Wilson and Curtis Riley both getting ankle injuries yesterday the competition at cornerback could be severely hampered.

Captain Munnerlyn could give this team a veteran cornerback who has shown they can handle a tough division like the NFC North where he has to play against Jordy Nelson, Randle Cobb, Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Alshon Jeffery, and Brandon Marshall. PFF graded him as an average 0.3 on more than 1,000 snaps last year.

Playing over 1,000 snaps without a negative grade puts him in a class with just 11 other cornerbacks last year, and is better than Blidi Wreh-Wilson right?

The Vikings might cut him only because they just drafted Trae Waynes and Justin Coleman and their other cornerbacks have played pretty well.

Daniel McCullers NT, Pittsburgh Steelers

Alright, it is fair to say that part of the reason I picked McCullers is because I remember how dominant he was as a nose tackle in college when he played for the University of Tennessee. However, I think there is a real chance that he isn't on this roster by the beginning of this year.

The Steelers have added four players to their defensive line, and despite McCullers's size and the lack of depth at this position, he only played 65 snaps last year.

With the Tennessee Titans lacking a true nose tackle type of player, McCullers makes a lot of sense in Tennessee. McCullers is a year older and smarter and has experience in Dick LeBeau's system. If LeBeau liked him I could easily see him coming in and helping this team on running downs.

Imagine a defensive line with Angelo Blackson, Jurrell Casey and Daniel McCullers on third and four trying to stop the run. That seems like a lot of gaps getting clogged to me.