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More rave reviews for the Tennessee Titans.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

When the crew wound up in Nashville to cover the Tennessee Titans for their "Inside Training Camp" show, the media couldn't stop talking about how impressed they were with the rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Here is a quote from their story on the event:

"The NFL Network crew is in Nashville with the Titans on Friday, which means wall-to-wall Marcus Mariota talk. Our resident QB Kurt Warner liked what he saw from Mariota: "I think you saw all the things people were raving about. His comfort level with the guy, his command with the huddle, you saw him under center and in the shotgun and then with his decision making ... No interceptions up to this point in camp. What we saw today was when he didn't look comfortable throwing something or something wasn't there, you saw him throw it away." NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport spoke with Titans sources about the new QB: "He's actually years ahead of where they thought he would be."

Ian Rapoport went on to call Marcus Mariota "nearly flawless" in his time in Tennessee so far raving about his no-interception streak, but also saying that he hasn't fumbled any snaps or lost the ball in any way either. He then went as far as to say that maybe everyone is overrating the Oregon scheme, and maybe it was Marcus Mariota's intelligence that made that offense run so smoothly.

This isn't just another post about how much local fans and writers like Marcus Mariota, it is national media coming in and saying maybe we were wrong to call Marcus Mariota a system quarterback. Everyone who has seen the Tennessee Titans players in person have all raved about Mariota calling him experienced beyond his years. This time next week we will have some actual game footage to go over and my money would be on his first performance being a good one.