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Where do the Tennessee Titans rank in a defensive power ranking?

How did an offseason of improvement help the Tennessee Titans.

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FanSided has posted an article ranking the defenses from 32 all the way to 1 this weekend, and without further adieu here is where everyone ended up:

1. Seattle Seahawks

2. Kansas City Chiefs

3. Buffalo Bills

4. New York Jets

5. St. Louis Rams

6. Baltimore Ravens

7. Miami Dolphins

8. Houston Texans

9. Cleveland Browns

10. Carolina Panthers

11. Green Bay Packers

12. Cincinnati Bengals

13. Denver Broncos

14. Arizona Cardinals

15. Dallas Cowboys

16. Minnesota Vikings

17. Detroit Lions

18. New Orleans Saints

19. Indianapolis Colts

20. Oakland Raiders

21. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

23. Washington Redskins

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25. San Diego Chargers

26. New England Patriots

27. San Francisco 49ers

28. Chicago Bears

29. New York Giants


31. Pittsburgh Steelers

32. Atlanta Falcons

What they had to say:

Without quoting directly, the writer said that he thinks that outside of Jurrell Casey and Brian Orakpo there is nothing special about this defense. He also said that he wasn't sure about the Tennessee Titans secondary.

I respect his opinion, but let's be honest this defense has more talent top to bottom than the Pittsburgh Steelers have had in the past five years. They have a top-10 pass rushing tandem, one of the best young defensive linemen in the league, a fast and strong linebacker group, and a defensive backfield anchored by Jason McCourty and Da'Norris Searcy. I just have a hard time finding the big weak link here.

However, this just shows what everyone should know at this point and that is that the Tennessee Titans are going to have to prove it on the field first. No one is going to just accept that a 2-14 team is leaps and bounds better until they see it on the field.