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MCM Radio: Titans Go Camping, 2015 Edition

Live tonight at 8:00 Central!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

FOOTBALL IS BACK (kinda)! The Titans are in the throws of training camp out at Saint Thomas Sports Park, and MCM Radio is back in full swing to cover every angle of it! Hosts August West and Danomite will be discussing Marcus Mariota, the WR battles, positions that are in flux and much more tonight at 8:00 central.

You don't want to miss this special episode as we shake things up a little: after years in the Nashville area, co-host Danomite has moved back to East Tennessee to help set-up the Knoxville-area bureau of the MCM Radio juggernaut. From his new perch near the Appalacian Mountains, Danomite will be able to bring you more insight from out-of-market fans, plus up-to-the-minute insight on Appalacian specialties such as 3-liter Mountain Dew bottles and 300 alternate ways to spell the name 'Peyton'.

Be sure to join the show live at 8:00 for the live-stream and chatroom fun, Tweet us your questions @TitansMCMRadio and download the podcast via iTunes!