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Fantasy football and the Titans: Quarterback

A look at how the Titans players will do in fantasy football this season.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy football drafts are just around the corner. The Titans have not historically been a team that is very relevant in fantasy football. Chris Johnson was the running back to own for a couple of years during his prime, but other than that, you really have to go back to the Eddie George era to even find a Titans player that was taken in the top half of drafts (well drafts that didn't include 8 Titans' fans).

That won't change this year.  However, Marcus Mariota could be an interesting guy to own.  You should be able to get him pretty late in most drafts, and he comes with quite a bit of upside for a couple of reasons-

1. Quarterbacks who run are pretty valuable in fantasy leagues.  It only takes 10 rushing yards to get a point, and in a lot of leagues a rushing TD is worth 6 points while a passing TD is only worth 4 points (check your league's scoring).  While Mariota isn't going to be a run first guy, he has the ability to take off and make a big play with his legs.  That could make him a better "fantasy" quarterback than real-life quarterback early in the season.

2. The Titans are going to throw the football a lot.  I expect them to focus more on the run game this year than last, but Ken Whisenhunt loves to push the ball down the field.  It is in his DNA.  Mariota is going to take his shots, and the Titans have some playmakers on the outside that should be able to take advantage.

You can find a better quarterback for 2015 in re-draft leagues, but if you are in any type of dynasty format, Mariota is a guy that is worth consideration in the middle rounds of your draft.