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Titans training camp: Don't Sleep on Antonio Andrews

The 2nd year pro may have a bigger role than you think this fall.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

So much talk has been centered around Bishop Sankey and David Cobb this offseason.  Fans are clamoring to figure out what the backfield is going to look like now that Shonn Greene is out of the picture. Our best guess so far has been a near 50-50 split between Cobb and Sankey, but that may not be the case.

Now after one weekend in camp, David Cobb's momentum has come to a screeching halt.

And then there is this from Kuharsky today: "Cobb got lit into frequently for his failures in pass protection." Pass protection, as you know, is a key element of the game for any running back, perhaps even more important with a rookie quarterback in the fold.

Kuharsky went on to say that a running back by committee approach was imminent, mentioning all four (Sankey, Andrews, McCluster, Cobb) backs as possibilities.

All of this could mean a delay in Cobb's arrival to the backfield.  A guy that is going to push Cobb for all that he is worth is Antonio Andrews.  You may remember Andrews from preseason last year where he racked up 137 yards on just 21 carries.

Andrews is a complete load to bring down.  He's a thick 225 pounder, standing at 5'10.  Andrews has the most power of any back on the Titans' roster and would be an ideal inside runner.  He spent most of his time on the practice squad last season, before being pursued by the Buffalo Bills. The Titans called him up to the active roster shortly after, but didn't give him any opportunities.  That should change quickly this season.

We all know how Whisenhunt handled Bishop Sankey's rookie season.  It seemed like he was coming up with excuses not to play him.  Now it may be David Cobb's turn to take a backseat until he can figure out how to pass block.  His pass protection woes actually go back to his days in Minnesota -- that was a common knock on him during the draft process.

Don't be surprised if Andrews comes out of the gate ahead of David Cobb. With the combination of Whisenhunt's history and Cobb's poor start to camp, Andrews may have the inside track to the 2nd running back role.  It's still incredibly early, but Andrews has enough talent to jump Cobb on the depth chart as we go deeper into camp.