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Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs offensive notes

Who stood out on offense.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans score is deceiving from last night's performance, there were actually a lot of good things that went on for the offense. Offense, unlike defense, is the side of the ball that is much harder for an individual to single-handedly carry.  So while there were some nice standouts, players like Bishop Sankey and Delanie Walker hurt the team last night.

Marcus Mariota

Mariota was exactly what he has been so far, great. He ended last night 7-11 (64%), 99 yards, 9 YPA, with 3 rushes for 22 yards on the ground. Also, if you are thinking that completion percentage is a little low for Mariota, you are right (and you have really high standards) he managed to go 7-11 with one throw away, a drop, a tipped pass, and a should-be pass interference call.

Say what you want about the preseason but it doesn't make a quarterback more accurate, and through his first few games accuracy and poise have been the most telling traits in Marcus Mariota's game. Just ask the next player in this story.

Kendall Wright

People have said that Mariota doesn't have a favorite receiver, but if I were him I would definitely start rethinking that. Kendall Wright has been great so far this preseason and is catch the balls with ease. The new found accuracy from the QB game is letting him focus more on YAC than worrying about catching a ball that is behind him.

Wright is going to be a great player with Marcus Mariota at the helm of this offense, this should be the year he eclipses 100 catches and 1,000 yards.

Delanie Walker

Walker had a rough night and definitely had some rust. At one point last night it looked like Mariota was trying to motion him or get him in position and he was confused. So much so that the rookie had to take a timeout to prevent a delay of game penalty.

Like Jurrell Casey in the last post, this isn't to say that Walker won't be great this year it was just a bad night last night.

Jeremiah Poutasi

I thought Poutasi did very well when I rewatched this game. His two worst plays were where he let Allen Bailey get underneath him and drive him back and when he let Justin Houston beat him on the outside on a quick pass for a QB pressure. To be fair though, those two did combine for 27 sack last year which is more than four entire teams had.

However there were also times where he caved down Bailey and Houston in the running game, one time putting the elite pass rusher on his back. It was a good game for him, but like everyone that goes against this Kansas City defensive front, there will be times when you just get beat by their front seven. The key is to minimize that as much as you can and dominate in the running game, which I think he did.

Bishop Sankey

Back to old Bishop Sankey around here. Not only did he leave a huge gain on the field but cutting right into a defensive tackle on one play, but he consistently looked ready to fall behind the line of scrimmage and just looked terrible overall. He is doing his best to lose the starting job after a good week last week, and this inconsistency should stick out to the Titans coaching staff when they are trying to think about who should get the majority of the carries each week.

Byron Bell

Bell like Poutasi had a nice night last night. While he didn't have any huge plays like pancaking Justin Houston, he did consistently move people in the running game, and I can already tell you know that this team is going to line up a a tight end to the left side and have some power runs to the left. Between he and Taylor Lewan (who is great period) there are going to be yards to be found on that side of the ball.

Small notes

-Antonio Andrews had a nice day and scored the lone touchdown for the Tennessee Titans behind that stacked left side of the offensive line and with Chance Warmack pulling as a lead block.

-Harry Douglas also had a good night, but did get hurt late in the last drive.

-Anthony Fasano had a good night blocking and was the tight end on the touchdown run that caved in Dee Ford and other defenders to open that hole.