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Tennessee Titans vs Kansas City Chiefs defensive notes

What stood out to me in last night's game?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans defense last night as a whole was terrible. They did almost nothing right as a unit, although some people did some nice things individually.

Here are some of those solo notes from last night:

Jurrell Casey

Casey was absolutely uninterested last night against the Kansas City Chiefs which is ultimately fine for a preseason game, but it didn't really help the back up defensive backs who were competing with superior players. I don't like that, but I think every can agree that there is no real worry that he won't be dominant once the season starts.

Again, don't read this as me saying Casey will be anything less than great this season, but when your best defensive player is taking plays off it makes the rest of the team look bad.

Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo

These guys are going to be very good this year. Derrick Morgan looks quicker than I can ever remember him, and he is often flashing in the backfield and forcing the ball inside. Brian Orakpo looks like he can dominate the P.O.A. and he is deceptively good at getting in the backfield and disrupting plays. There were several occasions last night (in their few snaps) that in a game with Jason McCourty there would have been at least a QB hit.

Coty Sensabaugh

Sensabaugh is not an outside corner, I thought we all knew that at this point but I guess not. He is a good slot player who can't be trusted on the boundary and he was obviously exploited last night. I fully expect this team to go CB shopping on the waiver wire in just a few weeks and Sensabaugh needs to pray that the Titans remember that he can be a solid player if he has a good CB on the outside.

Zach Brown

Everyone expected Brown to be a boost to this LB corps this year, but the reason everyone was excited is because he is so quick that when he blitzes he will be hard to pick up. However, when you leave him flat footed he is just terrible. He misses tackles and lets himself get blocked. If they don't blitz him a lot and he has to read keys, he will lose.

Small notes

-Cody Riggs did O.K. last night, but if he is starting then this team is in trouble.

-Ropati Pitoitua was moved all around last night and even played inside some at 1-tech. They are clearly trying to find a spot for him.

-Mike Martin needed to show up after playing significant snaps last night and I'm not even sure that he got an assist last night. He is in a bad spot to make this roster.