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Titans vs. Chiefs live game updates

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason game #3 is here. This is usually the most important one for the starters, but it might not be that way for the Titans tonight. They are coming off a short week after playing the Rams on Sunday night. I would expect Marcus Mariota and the 1s on offense to get 3-4 series at the most.

In case you didn't see it earlier, David Cobb is out for tonight's game after injuring his calf in practice yesterday. That makes Antonio Andrews the player to watch tonight. He can earn some regular season carries with a good effort while Cobb is out.

What are you the most interested in watching tonight? Answer that question and discuss the game in the comments. Churchill will be running the MCM Twitter again tonight. He did an excellent job last week. Give us a follow (@TitansMCM). You should also "like" our Facebook page here. I will be updating that throughout the night.