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By The Numbers: Where Does Dexter McCluster Fit?

Dexter McCluster could be the off man out when the cut to 53 hits on September 5th.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been listening to MCM Radio, you can probably guess where I'm going with this; I've been saying for months now that Dexter McCluster's spot on the Titans roster isn't nearly as safe as most observers like to say it is.

That's even more so the case after a brutal showing on Sunday... one that included a dropped pass in the end zone that's so brutal it's illegal to replay more than once under the Geneva Convention.

Money isn't the issue: The Titans owe McCluster a measly $3.5 million per year in 2015 and 2016, and only stand to gain a third of that back by cutting him. For a team with $21 million in 2015 cap space, that's a drop in the ocean

Neither is age: McCluster is a spry 26 years old and has stayed healthy throughout his college and pro career.

The numbers not in his favor right now are 53 and 3.3 YPC.

Given McCluster's minimal effectiveness last year, can the Titans afford to cut a promising player from the bottom of their roster to make room for him? The Titans are expected to keep Sankey, Cobb and Fowler. That doesn't take into account Antonio Andrews, whom the staff clearly loves and who has been the best RB on the roster this preseason.

If the Titans do decide to keep four running backs and a FB/TE, we'll be looking at a seriously painful cut at the TE spot. Walker, Fasano and Stevens are locked in, but Coffman and Supernaw are making more noise on the field than we've seen from McCluster since he got to Nashville.

I'm not saying McCluster is a lock to be cut, but don't be completely shocked if he's on the market after September 5th.