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Tennessee Titans News Links: Beefing Up The Line

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

I bought that buckethat and my girlfriend is not happy.
I bought that buckethat and my girlfriend is not happy.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans right now have an offensive line combination that is very physically imposing. Warmack is the shortest, at 6'2" and the average weight of the linemen is 325 lbs. The Titans hope that the new combo of Lewan, Bell, Schwenke, Warmack, and Potassium can move mountains and keep Mariota upright.

Whiz talks about Eric Berry and playing on a short week in Tuesday's post practice press conference. I look forward to the starters playing an entire half of football.

DGB continues to make strides, but he still has a lot of growing to do says Whiz. DGB has such a good chance at becoming elite, I can't wait to see his career develop.

Right now, ESPN has Marcus as a Tier 4 QB. They say that if he can make the leap to Tier 2 in year one, the Titans could have an 11 win season. Considering their schedule, I wouldn't say that is out of the question if Mariota played that well.