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Six Pre-Season Questions: Tennessee Titans

Robert Greenlaw and I take a look at the Titans roster, and answer some burning questions.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Greenlaw and I teamed up to offer you two takes on six current questions about this Titans squad. Bear in mind that Rob answered these questions just before the Titans took on the Rams on Sunday night.

1. Which Titans position group stands out as the strongest to you?

Greenlaw: Quarterback is a no-brainer for me. Mariota is going to be a very good QB, and Mett and Charlie are good backups.

Churchill: There aren't a whole lot of deep groups on this team right now. Mariota makes QB the strongest unit for me. Wide Receiver gets a nod too, with more talent and depth there than in recent years.

2. What area of the roster are you most concerned with?

Greenlaw: The offensive line, secondary, and OLB depth all scare me, but for the sake of the question I'll go with the O-line. Assuming we don't sign Mathis, we are very weak at LG, C, and RT. Thankfully good QB play will mitigate some of the O-line's inability, but you'd like to be able to take some pressure off Marcus, and right now, the Offensive line just isn't good enough.

Churchill: The offensive line stands out, but hopefully the team has figured out the optimal configuration (one that doesn't include Andy Levitre). That said, it has to be at linebacker. The Titans have a pretty good starting group with Orakpo and Morgan at OLB, and Brown and Williamson at ILB. The depth behind them is razor thin though, and the team will definitely need more than those four guys to play this year.

3. Which player will be the most improved?

Greenlaw: DaQuan Jones or Justin Hunter. I think Hunter puts it together this year, and I think that DaQuan shines in his expanded role this upcoming year at DE.

Churchill: I'm going to go with Bishop Sankey. If the Titans can get a better result from the offensive line, I think the investment in Sankey from last year doesn't look so bad after all. He's got plenty of talent, and he might not wow you every time he touches the ball, but I think outdoing his production from last year will be a fairly easy accomplishment.

4. Which UDFAs, if any, do you think will make the final cut?

Greenlaw: (Cody) Riggs probably makes the cut. Could be a surprise if they keep only 5 WR, or if they cut Sammie Lee Hill.

Churchill: With McCourty undergoing surgery, Cody Riggs looks likely to make the final 53. I also like OG Quinton Spain's chance of sticking. The Titans don't have a ton of depth along the offensive line, and I think Spain is a pretty decent option as a backup/swing guy.

5. How does the Titans WR group shake out?

Greenlaw: I think Wright, Douglas, DGB, Hunter, McBride all are locks, and for some reason, I think Jacoby Ford makes the roster over Nicks because they like his kick returning ability.

Churchill: A final group of Wright, Douglas, Green-Beckham, Hunter, McBride, and Nicks is most likely. Nicks is a superior player to Ford, and has had an excellent camp.

6. Do you see the team making any major changes on the offensive line?

Greenlaw: I'd love to see them pick up Mathis, and if Bell stinks against the Rams (he didn't!), I feel like it is incredibly likely. Other than that, I think the line ends up being Lewan, Mathis/Bell, Schwenke, Warmack, Potassium.

Churchill: The offensive line looks a lot more steady than it did a week ago. That said, was the performance against St. Louis a flash in the pan? Or is it the optimal group we see starting week one? Hopefully it's the latter. If that's the case, I see the Titans jettisoning Levitre and calling it a day.