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Tennessee Titans News Links: Dictating the Game

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans did just about everything they wanted to do against the Rams. They moved the ball pretty well and they stopped the Rams for most of the game. They need to do this on a consistent basis to be a winning team in 2015.

Whiz talks about McCourty's surgery and other topics in Monday's presser.

DGB is looking really great. The Titans would be wise to continue to get him first team reps. A core of Wright, Hunter, DGB would look really really good.

Is a Mett trade on the table with Mariota playing so well? Don't count on it unless the Titans get blown away with a trade offer. Until that time comes, they need to keep upping his value, and hopefully he continues to play well in preseason.

Mariota has been a revelation at the QB position thus far, and I hope he continues the excellent play into the regular season.

Jerome Bettis says that losing veteran SAFETY, Jason McCourty, will be rough for the Titans.