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Jordy Nelson out for the year; What does that mean for other receivers in fantasy football?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Jordy Nelson has been one of the best receivers in the fantasy football world for the last couple of years.  He was the #1 option on one of the best passing offenses in the league.  Nelson's average draft position was 54.7 before he tore his ACL in the Packers 2nd preseason game yesterday.  That will obviously plummet as now he is only draftable in keeper/dynasty leagues.

So what does that mean for your fantasy draft?  Well first of all, it rockets Randall Cobb up the draft board.  Cobb's ADP currently sits at 22.3.  That puts him right behind the top tier of receivers and right behind A.J. Green.  You would be insane, INSANE, to take Green ahead of Cobb at this point.

The other guy to take a look at here is Davante Adams.  His ADP is currently 134.2.  It will probably be in the 60s by the time the season starts.  Adams is a guy with a lot of upside that didn't get a lot of targets because he was stuck behind two really talented receivers.  People who have already drafted got a huge steal there.