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Tennessee Titans vs St. Louis Rams final notes

What happened in the rest of the game?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what I saw in the second half of the Tennessee Titans preseason game against the St. Louis Rams.

Levitre stock at an all time low.

Look, when you get put on the second string that is one thing. When the first team works better without you that is another. However, when you are on second string and aren't man handling the defensive line and playing with anger, that is the bottom of the barrel.

I think Levitre has something in the tank, but honestly the flashes of it are so rare that I don't know what you can point to and say that is what this guy is great at. With that in mind, I don't see how Levitre earns a starting job again barring an injury.

Chase Coffman is at it again.

Is Chase Coffman amazing? Not really, but he has a lot of that Craig Stevens streak in him where he is just so sure handed and always open even if he is covered. His concentration and underrated ability to break tackles is something that may just make him the fourth tight end on this roster.

Not David Cobb's night.

It is hard to pick on anyone in this running game, but Cobb was the least successful back tonight. I think this is exactly the kind of night that this offense needed to prove my point earlier that you have to go with the hot hand and tonight that was Bishop Sankey.

Coty Sensabaugh had a good night.

While Marqueston Huff and Cody Riggs did some nice things, I think Sensabaugh looked like the clear best cornerback this week, obviously ignoring Perrish Cox. I can't wait to see what Cox, McCourty and Sensabaugh look like once these blitzes really start to become second nature to this team.

Bad night for Massaquoi.

If you are Jonathan Massaquoi you have to be a little bit nervous right now. Not only did you not light up the stat sheet, but you really didn't show up at all on the film. I would be watching the waiver wire for edge rushers if I were the Tennessee Titans and if I was a pass rusher on this team I would be busting my but in practice.

Toby Johnson and Angelo Blackson

Toby Johnson had another pretty good day today and so did Angelo Blackson. This team is not hurting for young, talented defensive linemen and these two have been the best of the bunch outside of Al Woods. These two can take a lot of pressure off of the starting line if they can play well and from what I saw tonight these guys are going to make a big impact if they both make the active game day roster.