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Tennessee Titans News Links: WOODZ

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Al Woods has stepped up for the Titans in the absence of Sammie Lee Hill. I'm not sure if the coaching staff overrates a player more than SLH, so it is nice to see that maybe someone else gets a shot at the starting role.

Brian Orakpo has the ability to take some focus off of Derrick Morgan, which is exactly what Morgan is hoping for. Less focus on Morgan means more sacks. I think Orakpo and Morgan both get "theirs" this season.

As we heard yesterday, the streak is over for Marcus. After 230 passes, he threw a pick on his 231st pass in training camp.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN did not watch the game on Friday, as he says Mariota "let the defender" strip him of the ball, and that he needs better ball security. Um... what exactly was he supposed to do?

Training Camp Practice #14 for the Titans, Jim has the lowdown.