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Tennessee Titans News Links: Trending Up

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Hunter continues to impress the coaching staff for the Titans, as he is making play after play in practice. I really really hope this translates to actual game play, like we've seen flashes of previously. Our offense would be so much more dangerous if he could make the leap.

Field Yates of ESPN says that Marcus Mariota had the better NFL Preseason debut. Obviously this doesn't really matter, but it is nice that he's ahead of Jameis at this point.

Jalston Fowler is helping the Titans put more of a focus on their usage of a full back. He was pretty impressive blocking against Atlanta on Friday.

Titans Live reports from Training Camp number 13. Enjoy.

On Sunday, the Titans will play the Rams. Mariota against the Rams front 4 will be one of the biggest and best tests for him and this offensive line during the preseason. It will also be interesting seeing what o-line combo the Titans throw out there.