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Tennessee Titans News Links: One Down...

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota started off his pro career with some ups and downs. He threw an interception, lost a fumble, but then lead the team to a long TD drive. He was very impressive, and his accuracy was a big plus, showing velocity and touch. Whiz isn't looking for change from Marcus and he shouldn't be. Cut down those turnovers, and Marcus had an excellent debut.

If Friday night wasn't enough evidence, the Titans have incorporated some read-option looks into their offense. They practiced a little bit of it on Sunday, where the ball was dropped by Harry Douglas.

The Titans are trying to switch up the O line groups, with Lewan, Bell, Schwenke (hurt from stepping on someone's foot), Warmack, and Meredith are getting a shot to play together.

Glennon does a good job of comparing Mariota's debut to Winston's. I'll say this, if Marcus had Winston's debut, then I would be a little concerned.

McCluster just wants a chance to play.

Climer says that Marcus took a big step with a big 3rd and long throw.

Byron Bell pumped up the team before Sunday's practice with a profane speech.