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Tennessee Titans vs Atlanta Falcons notes: everything else

Small notes from the rest of the field.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With a lot of film to break down for the first time in months, I am going to take a look at the different positions this weekend and figure out what happened unit by unit. These are just quick notes not deep dives into each player.

Since there isn't just a ton to talk about, I figure that I will put all of the other positions in one post.


-Deiontrez Mount was flying around all night. He didn't get much time early in the game, but when he was in it was hard to miss him screaming up the field.

-On a bobbled snap he had a chance to recover the fumble and in all of that confusion he missed a chance to lay a pretty big hit on the quarterback.

-Zach Brown looks very good and he was in the backfield several times. It wouldn't surprise me (if he stays healthy) if he leads the team in TFLs.

-Avery Williamson looks a little bit slow right now dropping into coverage, but when the defense actually sends pressure it should give him the advantage that he needs.

-Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil looks good. Not great, but gets in the backfield a few times. Unfortunately I didn't notice fellow UDFA OLB JR Tavai

- I still think that it is weird that Massaquoi didn't even travel, he is expected to make his debut next week.

Defensive backs:

-Michael Griffin looked bad. Didn't attack routes, always seemed to be yards away from his guy on every passing play.

-Searcy looked pretty good. He doesn't jump out as a huge playmaker, but he does a lot of nice things in the running game.

-Josh Aubrey looked active and looked the part in the 31 jersey, played very physically.

-Riggs, Sensabaugh and Cox drew a tough task and aside from Sensabaugh none seemingly stood out.

-I need to see more contact initiated by Daimion Stafford if he is going to be a pure thumper. His coverage skills showed that that is his best chance to make this team.

Wide receivers and tight ends:

-Justin Hunter needs to give more effort on the deep interception, but I liked his comeback route to start Zach Mettenberger's rotation at quarterback.

-Dorial Green-Beckham has a good chance to be a great player in this league. He only had one reception, but if DGB and Mariota can get on the same page he should win all over the field.

-Kendall Wright looked like fans have expected him to for years, very elusive on a screen.

-Harry Douglas made a very nice sideline catch that could become a staple of this offense.

-Andrew Turzilli got a bad call on the pass interference play, he really should have been allowed credit for that great long touchdown.

-Delanie Walker seems like he will be in for a big year the way the tight ends were treated in this game.

-Antony Fasano and Phillip Supernaw both looked like great, balanced tight ends. Chase Coffman also looked good as a receiving tight end.


-I won't spend a lot of time on this, but obviously Marcus Mariota looked incredible in his accuracy and if he had stepped up into the pocket on one play we are talking about how he was clearly better than Jameis Winston on Day 1 instead of how it might be close.

-Zach Mettenberger also looked very good, but the defense in vision, touch, accuracy, and mobility was pretty evident.