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Tennessee Titans vs Atlanta Falcons notes: offensive line

Which players stood out in the preseason game.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

With a lot of film to break down for the first time in months, I am going to take a look at the different positions this weekend and figure out what happened unit by unit. These are just quick notes not deep dives into each player.

This is a look at the offensive line.


-I have been a big fan of Chance Warmack's since the draft, but pass protection is just not his strong suit. He just was not physical enough on the strip sack on Marcus Mariota and the rookie quarterback should feel comfortable in the pocket.

-He is constantly putting himself in bad situations with his feet and almost goes into a stance that looks like UFC take-down defense sometimes, kicking his feet back and putting all of his weight forward.

-Schwenke just needs to be replaced if at all possible, he was getting killed all night and just really didn't show anything.

-By the way, take a second to look at the picture on the top of this article. Lewan was dominant as he always is, whether that means getting out in front of screens and sealing the edge on the outside rushing touchdown by Dexter McCluster. He completely neutralized Vic Beasley in this game.

-I didn't mind Byron Bell at right tackle. He didn't stand out one way or another and as long as he is consistently average I think the Titans have to be ok with that until they feel Poutasi is better.

-Andy Levitre was not as bad as I thought in the running game, particularly when he they ran it to his and Lewan's side on that touchdown.

-Jeremiah Poutasi just seems heavy. Guys can't move him and in the running game if he seals you off you aren't going to make the tackle. I wish he had faster feet, but at this point I'm not sure there is a huge difference between he and Chance Warmack.

-William Poehls and Jamon Meredith both look very good at the guard position too so if anyone sustains an injury it shouldn't be a huge issue. In fact, Meredith's grade was far and away the best among guards in the league that played 35 or less snaps, more than doubling the closest opposition.