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Tennessee Titans vs Atlanta Falcons notes: defensive line

What did we learn about the Tennessee Titans DL?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

With a lot of film to break down for the first time in months, I am going to take a look at the different positions this weekend and figure out what happened unit by unit. These are just quick notes not deep dives into each player.

This is a look at the defensive line:

-This defense is clearly committed to stopping the run first on the defensive line. They are flowing with the offensive linemen and maintaining their gaps well. Friday it caused a lot of headaches for the Atlanta Falcons running game, but that wasn't obvious because of how well they moved the ball against the Titans without their first or third best outside CB.

-Daquan Jones looked like he deserved to be a starter with his play on Friday. He looked strong on the edge and was playing correctly without over pursuing.

-Jurrell Casey was obviously great.

-Al Woods was also deceptively quick getting into the backfield when he needed to be. I think he and Sammie Lee Hill will be a pretty good combination with little drop off or change if one has to sub out.

-For as much as I love Klug, he is not a long term answer on the defensive line. He got bullied a little bit in the running game and he can't have that happen. Now as a pass rusher I am sure he can play extensively.

-Ropati Pitoitua is one of my favorite effort players. Not super fast, not super strong, but he is smart and keeps his leverage. I think he will be very good this year as a backup.

-Mike Martin is still a very good run defender and he made a really nice play to stop a goal line rushing attempt.

-Derrick Lott looked alright, probably survives the first round of cuts at least.

-I was really impressed with Angelo Blackson in the limited time he played. I would like to see him with the twos.