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Tennessee Titans News Links: Throwing It Away

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Your daily serving of Titans linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the best throws are those not made. Marcus Mariota seemingly does not have an allergy to throwing the ball away. This could end up being a great trait, as sometimes you just can't force the pass.

Titans Online's Jim Wyatt says that Marcus is ready for the preseason. I hope he can throw a TD before he gets subbed off.

DGB is ready to play some real football says Jim Wyatt. I would imagine him and Mett get a lot of reps in on Friday.

Marcus would like to carry the momentum from practice over to the game in Atlanta on Friday.

Undrafted Cody Riggs has a good chance of making the roster due to limited depth at CB and injuries.

Shawn Jefferson has seen a mindset change with Justin Hunter, who now "wants you to give him the rock".

Wesley Woodyard should be relegated to a limited role this year with Zach Brown being healthy and Avery Williamson in his second year.