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MCM Radio: Titans' Road To The Playoffs Edition

Live tonight at 8:00 central!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

MCM Radio is going live at 8:00 Central for a special Thursday night recording! Fret not: we're still sticking to the normal Wednesday schedule moving forward. Actually, be sure to listen to the show for more news on this!

This week we'll be going deep on Tennessee Titans news and rumors that stretch from the very top to the very bottom of the franchise. We'll put Kenneth Adams IV in perspective, discuss Steve Underwood's future with the team, the latest scuttlebutt regarding Mariota's contract and much more. We've got a couple of guests on the hook, and we'll let you know who makes the cut on our Twitter feed, @TitansMCMRadio.

Then we'll layout the Titans' roadmap to the playoffs by breaking down the schedule, with insight on what needs to go right for this team to make a giant leap forward.

Be sure to join us live at 8:00 pm central for the chat room craziness, plus subscribe to the podcast (iTunes) for exclusive bonus time discussion.