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Tennessee Titans News Links: Core Piece


Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

After 4 years of motivation, the USWNT defeated Japan the day after Independence Day to win the 3rd World Cup title in our history. If you didn't watch the first 20 minutes, you missed a lot of the action, but the US of A really dominated throughout.

As Carli Lloyd is a core piece to the USWNT, Zach Brown is vital to our defense. His return to the lineup could and should be enormous for the quality of play.

PK's links contains questions about the broadcasts of the first game of the season against Tampa Bay and also questions about how the offensive line will shape up.

Something that stood out to me when watching Mariota pre draft was his ability to throw the ball to receivers in stride and so that they could make a play and get some YAC. The Titan receivers are all born to YAC, so if he can do this at the next level, look out.