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Some Tennessee Titans rookie projections from Charlie Campbell

Potential hits and misses from Charlie Campbell.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports has had an up and down reputation. However, it is hard to argue with the fact that the site puts out mock drafts years in advance, and generally ends up getting a decent amount of picks right. Something they did that caught my eye was Charlie Campbell's rookie projections for every team this year.

His breakdown includes four categories: solid player, most likely to bust, potential boom pick, future depth player. Here are his choices for each and who I would have said.

Solid Player, CC's pick: Jalston Fowler

"In my opinion, Fowler is one of the better fullback prospects to enter the NFL in recent years and is going to be an underrated asset throughout his career. He should enjoy a long career as a starting fullback."

My pick: David Cobb

David Cobb has all the tools to be a great compliment to Bishop Sankey, and a good runner in his own right. He is physical, doesn't give up on plays, has good size and speed, and showed no fear on a college team without much surrounding talent.

Most likely to bust, CC's pick: Dorial Green-Beckham

"Green-Beckham could be a great player if he can focus on football. That is a big 'if', and of the Titans' early-rounders, Green-Beckham could be either the biggest boom or biggest bust because of the questions about his maturity and ability to be a professional"

My pick: Jeremiah Poutasi

First of all, everything we have seen and heard from DGB suggests that he has turned over a new leaf. He was without football for an entire year and was not in trouble, and down time usually reveals what kind of person a player is.

Secondly, I think Poutasi can be a very good guard but I worry about his foot speed. He has the strength to pick guys up and move them out of running lanes, but I just don't know what he will look like against speed rushers in the NFL.

Potential boom pick, CC's pick: Marcus Mariota

"Not only is Mariota a great athlete, but he has an excellent work ethic and is a good teammate. Mariota is a humble, hard-worker who is very coachable. Those intangibles are huge for Mariota to make the transition from Oregon's spread, up-tempo offense to the pro-style system he will run in Tennessee."

My pick: Marcus Mariota

It is hard to argue with the boom potential of a franchise quarterback.

Future depth player, CC's pick: David Cobb

"Last year, Cobb averaged 5.2 yards per carry for 1,626 yards with 13 touchdowns. He could be a good backup to Sankey for the Titans, and the two ball-carriers could combine to form a running back by committee approach if Sankey falters in Year 2."

My pick: Tre McBride

I think McBride will be a very good fourth or fifth receiver on this team for a long time. If Kendall Wright, DGB and Harry Douglas can be quality starters on this team for the next three years, then Justin Hunter and Tre McBride could carve out spaces for themselves as situational players that play 400+ snaps per year.