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Remembering Steve McNair

Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Unfortunately the 4th of July will always bring up the memory of Steve McNair's murder for me.  I was out on boat 6 years ago today when I picked up my phone and saw missed calls from my dad, Gray and August.  I knew something was going on with the Titans, but I had no idea that it was going to be as bad as it was.

McNair was my first sports hero.  Seeing the way the city rallied around him and those first Titans teams was amazing.  There hasn't been anything like it since.  He did so much good on the football field and in the community.  It was hard to believe the way his life ended.

We can use this thread to share our favorite Air McNair memories.  One of mine is the final drive in the Super Bowl.  No other quarterback in the history of the NFL could have gotten away from Kevin Carter and Jay Williams like McNair did on that play.

What is your favorite memory of McNair?