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Between The Posts: Day One

Football is finally back.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans started their 2015 campaign with their first plays of practice today. Mariota was the key talking point of the day, and he gave onlookers a solid performance to watch. He shone above the defense, especially Wreh-Wilson, who had a predictably poor afternoon in coverage. As has been mentioned, Hakeem Nicks ran with the starters over Justin Hunter, and rookie Dorial Green-Beckham turned some heads as well. Ken Whisenhunt called him "...a little sloppy", but that is to be expected from a guy who hasn't played a meaningful game in over a year. I still don't think it's out of the question he contributes early this season.

Kendall Wright had a good outing, distancing himself from the other Titans wideouts. The combination of increased quarterback quality and a desire to bounce back could lead to a big season from him, so long as he learns to stay on his feet.

Analysts noted that the biggest competitions seem to be at right tackle and running back (aside from WR). I don't put much stock in whoever "wins" the RB competition, since all parties will see plenty of meaningful snaps. Right tackle, however; may end up being a major weak link on this offensive line.

Over the next few weeks of camp, I will be evaluating each position group and the likely starters, starting with the defensive front seven next week.