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Tennessee Titans News Links: Mariota Autograph Day Eve

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota signs autographs tomorrow. Someone please get something signed for me then. I will pay you back for shipping and the item. Thanks in advance. You guys are the best.

Speaking of Marcus, he says he is primed to start training camp. I'm ready for some games to start, even if it is just preseason.

Bishop Sankey is going to have a rebound year in this offense, alongside of Marcus Mariota. Be prepared to draft him in your fantasy leagues, especially if he drops far.

Sammie Lee Hill is on the PUP to start the year. Not great, considering he's not that good to begin with.

The Titans and the Whiz are standing by their man, Justin Hunter. This is Trevor-esque dedication to the guy from Big Orange Nation.

Taylor Lewan is awesome, and he talks about how he wants the offensive line to have a strong presence, as they were "soft" last year.