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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rebound

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jason McCourty should have a nice comeback year in 2015 says Paul Kuharksy, and I'm very inclined to agree. The second year in the defense for everyone will help a lot, as will the added parts around the defense. To be very fair, the pass defense (minus BWW) was not even that awful last year because the run defense was just putrid. If we get gashed like we did last year on the ground, we will have a very long season in store for us. I hope that DaQuan and Blackson help with that on the line and the addition of Searcy helps with that in the secondary.

We crawl one day closer to the beginning of training camp. Marcus Mariota will be signing autographs on August 1st. If any of you are reading this and going to that practice, PLEASE get something signed for me. Thank you in advance, you are now my best friend and I will buy you a beer (or soft drink, Dynamic Dreadlocks), next time I am in Nashville.