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Between The Posts: Fixing The Backfield

What can we look forward to from the Titans running back room this season?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

While nobody in Nashville was happy with the running game last season, Bishop Sankey seems to have become the favorite whipping boy. He was certainly not blowing anyone away, with only two runs of more than 15 yards on the year. But he was also subject to some woeful line play in front of him, as well as some extremely questionable play calling. Beyond this, the tendency for Whisenhunt to play his hand by substituting backs made Sankey's job all the harder (I mean, who doesn't want to see more Leon Washington draw runs on 3rd and forever?). And let's not ignore the fact that nobody was exactly scared of the Titans passing game last year either.

But 2015 is a new year, and while Sankey didn't bring what was expected in year one, things could be due for a big change. The additions of FB Jalston Fowler and RB David Cobb do more to help Sankey than hurt him. It gives the Titans another well rounded back who can shine where Sankey does not; on short yardage (something that the Shonn Greene experiment failed to achieve). Getting a grader like Fowler to couple with the rising powers of Chance Warmack and Taylor Lewan can only mean good things for Tennessee.

The depth chart may not be established yet, but by the end of the year, it may not seem all that important either. These backs will get their chance to shine in 2015. It's up to them to bring back the physicality and efficiency that once characterized Titans offenses. And now they have Mariota to keep DC's busy too.

The ball is in your court Bishop and David.